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Gloria’s First Blog EVER!!!!

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Hellooooo everyone!

Since you all know Gloria is about to leave for a very very very loooong time, I (LEAH, the amazing blog recruiter!) thought she needed to start a travel blog!! And so I did just that for her. Glo here is pretty new to the blogging world so if she doesn’t update, I am gonna hack into her account and write a blog for her. But let’s hope she blogs once in a while to keep all her lovely friends updated (or else she’ll be seeing a post saying she got hitched!). heehee…

Stay tuned and leave lots of comments for her!!!

Now here are some photo booth pics for you all:

Gloria, Stephanie, and Leah (celebrating the arrival of Leah’s kitchen table!!!!)

Gloria… you better update this or you are deadddddddd.




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September 27, 2008 at 6:07 am

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