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take your time

take your time


   My new favorite place to go is Café-Café.  It’s a small artsy coffee shop with a nice atmosphere.  It’s kind of like Starbucks in Vancouver.  There may even be the same amount of locations; talk about crazy!  Of course many people will go here late into the hours to hang out and enjoy themselves.  Best of all it does not close at 10pm like many Vancouver places.  Tel-Aviv is more like Europe and New York.   It’s great because it’s trendy and with all the new fads and there’s a lot of culture too.  It’s hard to believe you’re in the Middle East.  Too bad you guys can’t come visit and see for yourselves.  One day.  
   I almost forgot my favorite thing about Café-Café is that my brother-in-law managed to pick-up many coupons for a free coffee & a crossiant.  So all you need to do is go over and over again.  My family and I have taken advantage of this of course.  Let’s see as of right now I’ve gone maybe 6 times and we’ve used maybe 12 coupons now.  Talk about a deal!  They are good until the end of December so I’ll continue to go as much as I can.  🙂


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December 2, 2008 at 4:14 pm

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