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Versailles &Chartres

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Versailles is beautiful as always!  It was first built-in 1624 by Louis XIII as a hunting lodge yet was enlarged into a palace of the Kings residence from 1682-1790.  Today it is a magnificent palace showing the riches of France.  There are many great rooms such as the Hall of Mirrors, the Galaries de Glace,  Napoleon’s room and of course the gigantic gorgeous gardens.  
      It’s actually too beautiful to describe Versailles.  It is astounding how grand in size it is, it took us 7 hours walking around the area and we didn’t manage to see everything.   We saw the Petit Trianon and the Grande Trianon located away from the palace.  They were built by Marie Antoinette where you can see a get away from the main palace.  The rooms are still lavish and wonderful to see.  So much detail and design has gone into them.  There is even a cute miniature village there where you can see a farm & the many animals. 
     We had a lot of fun, I’m so glad I was able to come back and visit Versailles again.  It was also nice that the crowds weren’t too big as that can ruin the experience at times.  Definitely a worthwhile visit from Paris!!

     Chartres is the capital of light and perfume.  It is within a short distance of Paris where you can enjoy a small town atmosphere of France.  There main attraction is the Cathedral filled with gothic art, over 4,000 statues, 9 sculpted gates, and 2,600m2 of stained glass windows from the 12th & 13th centuries.  It is really vast & worthwhile to see. 
     I enjoyed going around Chartres with 5 other girls to explore the town.  There was another smaller cathedral we happened to walk by and it was nice going in and being able to see the stained glass windows closer to the eye.  I find when the cathedral is so grand it’s hard to see the detail in the top of the windows.  Yet in this smaller cathedral I could admire it without being freezed to death  as they love to air-conditioned older gothic churches.  We had a great time visiting Chartres.


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April 7, 2009 at 12:14 am

going Red

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Red, isn’t that a nice colour?  Well I think it is.  I’ve been wanting to dye my hair for a while.  I haven’t dyed my hair well for about 7 years now.  I tried a temporary red colour before which I liked.  Then in University I dyed it with these butterscotch highlights which was nice until it slowly came out.   I wonder why it always needs to look so bad when it’s coming out.  So I decided to change things up I found a new temporary hair dye.  I can’t say it was easy to find (especially with the language barrier) yet I’m pretty confident it’s temporary. lol  I hope anyways.  The colour is called Mahogany.  It’s a nice change which is what I was going for and it’s for about 4 weeks.  Plus I wont’ have to get that annoying half growing out hair which I can’t stand. 

     In the evening I went to this huge celebration for Tel-Aviv’s 100 birthday.   Now as we all know Canada isn’t so much into doing big celebrations.  I biggest thing we have is the symphony of fire which is largely by others donations.   Here they go all out.   There was about 250,000 who attended the night festivites.  Now get this, it cost 70 million shekels or $21 million dollar Canadian!!!  Wow talk about extravagent.   The events were great yet that was excessive money spent.  Well, well I’m glad I was able to witness the show, singing, dancing, fireworks; you name it.

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April 7, 2009 at 12:01 am

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