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Italy here I come

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My long awaited trip to Italy has come.  I just booked my flight today from Israel to Florence and returning from Verona for 2.5 weeks  June 7-25. 

I booked a 2 week course in the scuola leonardo da vinci in Florence.  It will be 4hrs of intensive Italian 9-1pm and then I’ll have my afternoons off to tour.  For these courses as well as a single dorm 10min walk to the city center it’s only 580Euro!!  Amazing deal isn’t it!!  The school looks fantastic and I’m loving their websites. check it out

I will have a stopover in Rome which I extended for 9hours so I can go in without suitcases and see what I missed 2 years ago.  My sis & husband are also going to be there and so it will be nice to meet up with them.  Rome’s going to be great.  They are also coming to Florence later on when I have some classes so it will be a nice to meet up with them and know people there.  If anyone knows good things to do in Florence or has any tips let me know 🙂 

Ciao, Gloria


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May 31, 2009 at 9:29 pm

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Shavuot is a Jewish holiday also known as the feast of the weeks.  This holiday is the anniversary where God gave the torah to Moses at Mount Sinai.  It is also the time where the first fruits of the harvest were brought to the Holy temple in Jerusalem.  On Shavuot you can often see more people consuming dairy products and wearing white. 

As I enjoying celebrating the festivals, I did wear white for 2 days (one by accident) and we had a nice dinner at my mom’s place.  I had lots of cheese which was really good.  I can’t wait to have more… more cheesecake 🙂

Tel Aviv has an annual event to celebrate the Bauhaus atmosphere of the White city.  Although not all the buildings are still white, along Rothschild the happening area they are many Bauhaus style buildings which are white as per the city regulations.  These buildings have beautiful architecture: right angles, round features, curved balconies, and a more open air feel.  They mix the socialist idea with the immigrant architects mostly from Europe at the time.

 This annual White Night on May 27 brought the nostalgic feel of the 1920’s, 30s & 40s back with parties, music events and art exhibitions.  There were lots of people drawn outdoors to roam the streets.  Restaurants stay open late and some even give discounts for the night.  We saw lots of street musicians, some trapezegirls, and people walking around in white.  We even caught these exclusive jewlery designers who had some really nice things.

I really love the idea of an annual day called White night where people dress up just because and remember earlier times.  I think this would be a wonderful idea to have for Vancouver.  Think about it, summer time people come out late and enjoy in our artisans.  We have many great musicians and artists.  There could be photographers, poets, anyone wanting to share their talents.  Students could show their work for a final presentation and just enjoy in the fun.  Vancouver would make so much money in tourism with cafe’s and restaurants serving many people.  Something to a smaller scale of the fireworks.  Plus everyone says how Vancouver is so boring and needs to be more fun and have events!!  It would definetely help 🙂

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May 30, 2009 at 8:36 pm

Progress 2

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Things are good. The weather is sunny and beautiful. I’ve been able to go swimming already in April. I even had a mini sunburn one day.
My mini garden is really taking off. The whole set-up is much better then before and I keep buying new Geraniums to make the place more beautiful. My mini tomatoes and artichokes are growing!! Maybe 8cm now!! I’ve been watering everything every 2 days at least and watch them grow. All the neighbours see me tending the garden and smile.
My sis broke her laptop about 5 days ago and so it’s not so great to be without the internet. We are looking for a new, good, and not so expensive laptop. Any suggestions? I’ve been looking at some Toshiba/HP/LG yet I can’t decide what’s best still.
My 101 list is slowly getting accomplished which really makes me happy. Some things are so easy to do and others are hard. Taking it all one step at a time.


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May 11, 2009 at 2:16 pm

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