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Ciao a tutti,

Come stai?  Io sto bene.  Io ho studiato Italiano per due settimana.  Mi piace molto!

Firenze is great!!!  Everyone should come to visit if they have a chance.  I went to the scuola Leonardo da Vinci in the heart of the city by the Duomo.  I have a nice flat I share with 3 other people only 10min away.  I have already compeleted 10 classes 4 hours long in Italian!!  Wow it’s great to be here to learn.  At least now I know some verbs and will hopefully be able to communicate with my Zia for 5 days.

In Firenze I went to see the famous Duomo and walked up to the top.  It has an awesome view!  I also managed to see the Uffizi gallery, Academia (where the famous David is), and the Bargello museum.  I also went to the chiese SanOranMichele, chiesa Santa Croche, the Medici chapels and the San Lorenzo markets.  IThere’s so much to see and do!  They have great gelati + granitas here too!!!  I even managed to see my oldest sis & her husband for a short time. There’s so much to see and do, it’s too bad I’m leaving tomorrow

More updates to follow.

Ciao, Gloria


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June 19, 2009 at 4:37 pm