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Around Israel

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   Touring Israel is a full time job.  There’s so much to see and so little time.  lol well I’ve actually had plenty of time, which is why I know the hot spots now. 

    After touring Northern Israel we had some downtime for shabbat and went to the Carmel market, enjoyed some fun shabbat shopping (lol), Nehalot Binyamin, Neve Tsedik and we were off to the Tel Aviv beach.  I always love going to the beach.  In the evening we went to the Clara this beautiful beach club which is wonderful.  It’s funny how here in Israel you can just walk to the front if you are an English speaking girl and expect to be let in.  I will miss that & the part that people who go out are actually my age.. 21-35.

    The next day was really hectic seeing the Qumran caves, hiking Ein Gedi, stopping in Masada, and then floating in the dead sea.  It was well worth it though.  Lots of fun.

    We took off to Eilat for 3 days to relax on the beach and swim in the Red Sea.  We had a nice hotel with a great pool, and were the only real foreigners there.  We swam & sun bathed every day and saw the open markets at night.  We managed to swim at coral beach one of the days, my favorite place to relax and see  big, beautiful fish.  The corals have so much life in them and we were surrounded by fishes snorkeling away.  It was a great time, my favorite vacation spot in Israel!  

   We went to the old city of Jerusalem another day and met up with a friend of mine.  We had a good time seeing the main sites, and shopping in the shook.  We has chocolate milkshakes and a chocolate waffle later which was great but too much chocolate.

   The Soreq caves are close to Jerusalem.  It is an underground beauty which shows the stalactites & stalagmites formed about 5 million years ago from the water seeping in the ground.  It’s a large beautiful site to see,  I recommend it.  Of course we later ended up at the beach, what else would you rather do in Tel Aviv!!

    So conclude my adventures with Nancy in Israel.  Lot’s of sites, adventures and many good times beheld.


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July 17, 2009 at 1:25 am

Touring Northern Israel

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   As many of you know Nancy, my friend from Vancouver  came to stay with me for 2 weeks.  For 2 weeks: June 28- July 12 we saw so much .  And yes I know this is a bit delayed.
    My mom, nephew, Nancy & I took a trip to Northern Israel for 3 days.  We started off in Caesarea, an ancient port city build by Herod which is one of my favorite places to visit.  It’s has a beautiful view and a wonderful aqueduct where u can swim close by. 
We then traveled to see Megiddo or better known as Armageddon.  This place has had many decisive battles in the past and has been constantly destroyed.  Revelations tells us this is where the Messiah will defeat Satan in the final battle.  Har Megiddo overlooks the Jazreel valley where one day this event will occur.
After driving through Nazareth we managed to make it to Yehudiya a camp site just past the Kineret.  This campsite is so different from others you’d see in Canada.  There was no grass and barely any trees by the site.  We ended up camping on small rocks and we told there was a small yellow snake around, and jackals possibly at night.  We were a bit scared but after a long day we ate & slept at this campsite along with 3 other people.  At least it was a new experience.

     The next day we visited Capernaum where most of the apostles lived close by. It’s also where Yeshua taught in the synagogue.  We carried on to the Mount of Beatitudes and went further north to Tel Dan.  Tel Dan is in the Golan Heights, close to Lebanon.  It is a fabulous nature reserve with a mixture of landscape & ruins. It’s the ancient city of the tribe of Dan which later turned to pagan worship.
We then went to Nimrod’s fortress, an old castle build on a hill.  This was my first visit and it was indeed quite beautiful and well kept. I especially enjoyed the secret passage & windy passages you could explore. 
For night we stay in a Moshav which was a nice experience to be in such a small community.  We had access to a pool too, which really made it more enjoyable.  Nancy & I even ventured into Tiberias late at night and saw the market.

   We went to Yardenit or the Jordan river, where Yeshua was baptised.  It was nice this time and not as commercialized as the last time I visited.   Finally we saw Beit She’an another significant city as it controlled access from the interior to the coast.  This is a large archaeological site mentioned in Joshua.
We then drove down almost through the West bank, as a short cut, but were kindly stopped and told we weren’t able to proceed unless by a Palestinian taxi.  So we continued back down to Tel Aviv, relaxed a bit and headed out to Migdalor for a Canada vs USA party.  It wasn’t quite what we expected but it was fun.

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July 17, 2009 at 12:48 am


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Italia is wonderful.  I just loved it!   Yes I’ve been back for a bit now and enjoyed my time in Italy.  After Firenze I traveled with some friends to Lucca which is a nice walled city near Pisa.  That was a fun roadtrip.  They ended up dropping me off to my Zia’s for the 5 days. 

At my Zia’s in Arcole, she was really nice and welcoming.  I really enjoyed my relaxing time there and was surprised how much more we could communicate then last time.  I really must keep up my Italian!  It was a nice change to see the beauty of the Italian countryside.  It was too bad my phone didn’t really get any cell reception where I was staying.  I met up with my mom’s friends from Italy while there who are really nice. 

I met up with the daughter of my mom’s friend and went to Venezia together.  It was great speaking Italian/English and practicing on eachother.  I alway love Venezia, and it was nice going with a local to show me how it’s really done.  We had some nice pasteries, and pizza and enjoyed the time.  I bought some nice glass things and scarfs just like I always like to do.

Then I went to Verona for a daytrip by myself and had a great time as well.  I met this opera singer who would have got me free tickets if I was staying the night which I couldn’t.  It was surprising I could hold a 15min conversation with a stranger in Italian too.  Italians are so friendly!!  I was the 4 main churches in Verona & of course both Romeo & Gulietta’s house.  Many Amarana Granitas & Gelati’s were had.  

It was a wonderful time in Italy too bad it was soo short.

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July 4, 2009 at 5:34 am

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