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      I’ve always wanted to visit Greece ever since I was little.  So I was really excited when the opportunity came to go with my sister Francesca for 4 days in Crete.  Crete was amazing!!! I am so glad I was able to go visit.  I was expecting it to be very hot at the end of August, yet it was surprisingly cooler then Israel.
      In the short time I was able to experience so much in Crete.  I went to the famous old palace at Knossos and the beautiful port of Heraklio. 
      We took a boat trip out to Sissi and swam out in the crystal clear water.  It was gorgeous. We even both managed to drive the boat, which was sooo much fun.  There were about 50 people on board, but it could hold 140 people.  I guess I should add that to my resume 🙂 lol  
       We then took a bus to Chania which is this beautiful port city with a mix of Venetian & Turkish culture. I loved it, it reminded me quite of bit of Venezia. The buildings were prettier and had a much more detail then the rest of Greece.  There were a lot of tourists and then quite a few locals too.  This was my favorite city in Crete.  After we went to Rethymnon another port city with Turkish influence.  It looked similar to the other ports.  I enjoyed it but not as much as Chania.  It might have been because we were on the bus for a while and almost walked our feet off.  After a few hours of exploring the city we went back to Heraklio and then to Hersonissous.  We made it 10min before the dinner closed at our hotel.  They were really nice as they made us a couple plates. They brought us rice, lamb chops, meat balls, creatian pies.  It was sooo good and tasty, better then the normal dinner buffets.
      On our final day we rented a quad and drove around.  It was sooo much fun!  We drove to Malia this beautiful clear beach with sand.  We loved it, as most of the beaches were rocky.  After we went to Star beach!!!  It is this wonderful free resort beach.  It had this gorgeous pool, a live dj and many lawn chairs.  There was a water park over to the side for really cheap. Then there was a bunjee jumping place. At the beach side there were several water sports including parasailing.  Star beach, besides the cool name was so much fun. It was too bad we found this beach to late and had to take our flight back to Tel Aviv that night.  It was definetely a worthwhile experience.  So much fun!!  I recommend Crete!  Also now I’ve visited Greece.. too bad it’s not the Acropolis but I had so much fun that it doens’t matter


Written by gloriastarr

September 13, 2009 at 11:14 pm