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Outdoor movies in the summer

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   Outdoor movies are a fun, free way to hang out in the summer. There’s many movies showing in each municipality each weekend throughout August.  I went to Coal Harbour’s outdoor movie yesterday to watch ET.  Wow it’s been ages since that movie came out.  I don’t believe I’ve ever even watched it til yesterday. It’s a great way to re watch old classics and spend time with friends. 

     I really enjoy BC in the summer, when there are tons of activities going on.  It really helps when the sun’s out to enjoy them too.  It’s like traveling but in your own neighbourhood!   Hopefully I’ll go to some more movies before summer’s out. You can check out the link off of facebook at  This site lists the outdoor movies in BC, and throughout Canada.  I’m not quite sure why I never used to go to any of these outdoor events in the past.  But I’ll just make sure to change that for the future 🙂


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August 15, 2010 at 9:00 am

Canoeing in the Sunshine Coast

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The Sunshine Coast is a 40min ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay.  It’s an easy get away from Vancouver.  It has a scenic coast with thousands of  trees, many lakes, wildlife and adventures to be had. 

Today I came back from the Sunshine Coast. It was a nice relaxing few days off for the BC day weekend.  There is so much beauty in BC which should be experienced.  During this trip, I managed to see a bunch of animals.  There were about 6 deer in the backyard. A few different familes brought their fawn to roam & munch a bit.  I was almost able to go up and pet them.  I also saw a chipmunk and several birds, including the bald eagle.  Nature is truly in our own backyard, we just need to escape a bit to enjoy it.

There’s a lot of things to do on the coast, such as kayaking or canoeing in the lakes or ocean.  I went canoeing yesterday with my friend in Garden Lake. It didn’t take us long to go around the whole lake.  We even enjoyed our picnic on the canoe.  While going around the lake, we noticed leaves shaking in a bush and to our surprise, saw there was a bear eating berries. My friend got a good look at him, but I didnt.  The bear quickly ran off when he noticed there was company.  We continued canoeing, and later went by one of the islands and relaxed for a bit and took a swim. What an eventful day, and a great getaway. The sun was shining, there was good food, company; what more could I ask for.

Written by gloriastarr

August 5, 2010 at 10:25 am