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Snowshoeing at Seymour

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     I haven’t gone snowshoeing in ages.  It’s something we used to do growing up for a couple elementary school field trips.   I decided that it would be something different and fun to try something new.  I’m personally more of a fan of snowboarding or something more in the downhill option but snowshoeing is a lot of fun, and a cheap activity to do in the winter. 
     Seymour has many well-groomed paths which are reasonably priced or you can do into the free paths along the far side.  I went with one of my groupon’s for snowshoes and the paths for $12 with my sister. We had a great time walking through the snow. It’s really just hiking in the snow. So if you like to walk, and like to see the beautiful scenery which we have so much of in BC you should try it. There’s actually many hills you will continue to go up and down, so take some water. 
     What to wear? You won’t really need snow pants, comfy pants will do. Shoes are best something waterproof or you can wear running shoes and bring plastic bags to protect them from getting wet and staying wet. A light wind breaker or snow jacket  is great. Layers is really key, as you can then feel comfortable in any options depending on the sun or snow in the air.   When to go? Personally I love it when there’s a bit of sun outside, but snow is also a nice time, or light rain as long as you have something waterproof.
     So if you haven’t gone snowshoeing in a while, why not do something different, not as strenuous and adventurous.


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April 21, 2011 at 9:02 am

Camping in the Coquihalla

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This past weekend I went camping at Coquihalla Campsite in Hope. It’s beside the Coquihalla river, and a short drive to Kawkawa lake. It’s a good site with full facilities including coin-operated showers. I especially liked how there are double sites and the 11am quiet hour is not enforced. It costs about $20 for 4 people and a car per night. So quite inexpensive.

We got to the campsite a bit late but security managed to let us in & direct us to a spot close to the river. There were friendly people who helped lend some lanterns and we easily got our tents up for the night. As a few friends wanted to go to sleep, I went off with another friend to join another campfire and roast marshmallows with them.

There were about 7 couples in their 40’s-50’s who had been friends from highschool for over 20 years. It was a lot of fun hanging out and hearing all their hilarious stories of when they were young. Especially interesting as they were all wasted. One of the men there was a really funny German guy with a heavy accent. We were chatting still and he accidently he fell on either the wood chips or a stone. He knocked himself out and was grabbing his eye. We quickly got a lantern and we saw lots of blood around his eye and a big goosebump on his head. I had to put my first aid training into use quickly and we got a cloth to wipe off the blood. He lost consciences for a while and I called 911. We opened the campsite gate, which was happily unlocked, and allowed the ambulance in. It was 5 am by now, and I was wide awake from the adrenalin.
Happily the next day he came back from the hospital with a sore neck, bruises under his eye and a gash on his nose. What a crazy day, I’m glad that he was ok.

The next day after I woke up we went to visit the Othello Tunnels. They are a series of 5 tunnels built between 1911 & 1916. It’s part of the Kettle Valley Railway with dark tunnels, and scenic points in between. It’s an easy hike/ walk and something great to do for free.

We later went to Kawkawa lake, and went for a swim. It was warm, but kind of gross as we could see the oil in the water from all the boats. We enjoyed a nice picnic on the beach, and then we went to Silver lake for another swim. Wow was it cold! I felt like I was swimming in the glaciers. I went in and felt my legs going numb, but it actually felt invigorating in the end. I’m glad I went in.

We enjoyed our camping time, and made some delicious food. Made some smores by the campfire, sang some songs, and enjoyed the nature. BC’s a very beautiful place to live. Lots of great places to go nearby, but very different from city life.

The last day we went to Cultus Lake. The water was warm, and there were many people up for the day. It’s fun to just relax for the day and enjoy your surroundings. It was a great camping weekend, with not much sleep, but lots of adventures. Something fun, cheap, and easy to do to get away for a little while.

Outdoor events in the lower mainland

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There are many fun places to go in Vancouver to enjoy the outdoors. I figured I’d write about 2 things I love to do… White Water Rafting and Hiking.

If someone wants to go White Water Rafting there’s a great place in Chilliwack. I went there 2 weeks ago at the Chilliwack River River Rafting and had a blast. It’s less then $100 per person to go and about 8 people can fit in a raft. The ride is about 14kms and 5 hours long. A bunch of us got together and went up rafting for the Saturday and found so many people ready for some adventures as well. Definetely worth it, and not too dangerous. I went on the classic ride, but I’d recommend the canyon more for the more adventurous.
This is my second time going to to this location where 2 years ago I went White Water Kayaking which was even better if you ask me. It was such a thrill, paddling on your own with more chances to fall out and nore private group runs. Lots of fun! Definetely an inexpensive way to have some fun just outside of the Vancouver area.

rafting adventures

rafting classic

There are also many hikes in Vancouver. I went to Deep Cove for a relaxing hike over the Canada Day weekend. The famous Baden Powell train runs by the Burrard Inlet in Deep Cove. It’s a very scenic hike through the forest with many streams & a beautiful view of the Indian Arms from the bluffs. Very worthwile, and not too strenuous. It takes about 1-2 hours to take in the views and enjoy yourself. I like this much better then the Grouse Grind which is basically just stairs and not changing sceneries. A very good workout, but not so much taking it easy. Check it the Deep Cove hike if you haven’t already

Hiking trail


aged tree

nature trail

Deep Cove viewpoint


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July 12, 2010 at 10:01 pm