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Roadtrip to Banff, Jasper & lake Louise

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This past year’s July 2010 long weekend Karen, Shelly and I went to Banff for the long weekend! Roadtrips are so much fun especially with friends.
We drove down early in the morning, taking the scenic route, stopping at random places. We had some car adventures, along with getting a speeding ticket and made it safely to Jasper. We were exausted from the 9 ish hour drive but still went hiking the 6 bridges, which was beautiful. Then at night after an amazing bison burger we enjoyed the Canada Day fireworks.
The following day we drove from jasper to banff. It is so picturesque! Along the way we drove on one of the most scenic highways. There were mountain goats, elk, a bear and her cub. There is a lot of natural beauty that BC has and I’d highly recommend this trip to see it!
We drove by the Icelandic and took some amazing shots. We continued to lake Louis and hiked up to lake peyto. This is probably the most beautiful and highly photographed site. A truly green, remarkable lake showing off some of our gorgeous rocky mountains!! Fantastic.
After driving to banff we were able to find many places to hike near by. We decided to go to the hot springs which are surprisingly cheap and relaxing. We also had a great dinner at the hotel and another day went to the fairmont.
After only a short trip it’s easy to understand why it is named beautiful British Columbia.
July 2011 road trip was such a great time, hence the long delayed post. Apparently drafts don’t show up lol. Hope you too can go experience jasper, lake Louise and banff!


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January 14, 2013 at 11:54 pm

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